Hadas Aharon

Hadas Aharon was born and raised in Israel. At the age of twenty, Hadas packed a suitcase and embarked to the city of her dreams, New York, where she took fashion courses at FIT, worked backstage at New York Fashion Week, and modeled. The experiences in New York have sparked her wanderlust and creativity and she didn’t stop since.

Hadas has visited over 25 countries, speaks 3 languages and studying her forth, lived in France for a year, and is currently living in England. She described herself as a “serial expat with a strong desire to explore the world”.

Having acquired her Bachelors degree in communications, she is now studying for her Masters degree in international relations at the University of Birmingham.

With fashion writing and styling experience under her belt, Hadas created the Fashion Matters as a guide  for the fashion-travel-girl to all destinations, from cities to mountains, from rivers to islands. She is documenting her travel journeys and providing a source of style and inspiration for like-minded individuals around the world.