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  • When In Rome, Wear Gucci
    As I explained in my previously post, I recently got back from a 10-days trip to Italy with my boyfriend. Our first stop was Rome, where we spent 4 days and later on continued to Amalfi Coast. Finally, I found the time to post and share with you the outfit I wore on our first...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/when-in-rome-wear-gucci/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • Wearing The Perfect Red Dress At The Streets of London
    I’ve found the perfect dress Finding the perfect dress can be a challenge, but I think I have finally found the one. I just love the elegant and classy look this dress creates. And who said the perfect dress has to be black? Recently I love to incorporate different colors into my wardrobe. Especially red...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/wearing-perfect-red-dress-streets-london/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • Lunch at The Ivy Tower Bridge Wearing Lecrescendo
    There’s no need for introduction to the famous The Ivy Restaurants. I always love to go to The Ivy, and with different branches around London, each time it’s a different experience. Every branch is unique and is designed to the maximum level of perfection. Few weeks ago I went to The Ivy Tower Bridge for the first...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/lunch-at-the-ivy-tower-bridge/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • My Experience at V Festival with Debenhams
    Last week I attended V Festival with Debenhams and had a fabulous time. The popular British department store have brought me and other fellow bloggers to our very own VIP table at the festival. We drank, we ate, we mingled, and we watched performances by artists such as Pink, Ann-Marie, Craig David and Sean Paul....<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/experience-v-festival-debenhams/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • My Tel Aviv Bucket List: Explore Like A Local
    If you read my blog regularly you probably already know that I grew up in Israel. As an Israeli, I know Tel Aviv pretty well and it’s also my favorite Israeli city. Whenever I get a visit from friends that live abroad I take them to Tel Aviv and I get to explore the city...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/tel-aviv-bucket-list-explore-like-local/">READ MORE</a></div>

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