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  • HOTEL REVIEW: The Nicholas Hotel Residence, Prague
    I had the pleasure to stay at The Nicholas Hotel Residence in Prague for one night. The Nicholas Hotel Residence is a luxury boutique hotel providing unique home-feel experience for its guests. My experience was fantastic and I would recommend the hotel for anyone visiting Prague, whether you’re a solo traveler, a couple or coming...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/hotel-review-nicholas-hotel-residence-prague/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • London Guide: Exploring Notting Hill
    I recently uploaded a new vlog exploring one of my favorite neighborhoods in London: Notting Hill. What I love the most about Notting Hill is Portobello St. and Market, the cute cafes (the video is featuring the insta-famous cafe, Farm Girl) and especially the beautiful colorful and white buildings where so many fashion bloggers love to shoot. So...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/london-guide-exploring-notting-hill/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • Has Living Abroad Ruined My Travel Experience?
    When I was 19, I visited Berlin. It was one of the first times I visited Europe. I remember I loved every moment of my trip and thought Berlin was such a pretty city. I loved the architecture, the streets, the shopping, and the nightlife. Fast forward to 2017: I am now 26 years old and...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/living-abroad-ruined-travel-experience/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • 25 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Zanzibar
    When you think of Africa, you don’t always think of white sand beaches, exotic islands and luxury hotels. Well, this is exactly what Zanzibar has to offer. However, alongside the glamour comes a glimpse of the reality of the harsh living conditions in Africa that the locals sadly face. This contrasting combination of both makes a...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/25-photos-that-will-inspire-you-to-visit-zanzibar/">READ MORE</a></div>
  • How I Spent my Valentine’s Day
    I didn’t spend my Valentine’s Day the traditional way in a restaurant or a movie with my boyfriend. In fact, I wasn’t even with my boyfriend. So where DID I spent it? I spent it on a 6-hour plane ride. I flew to Zanzibar, Tanzania with my cousin and half of our day we spent flying. When...<div class="btnReadMore pt20 bButton"><a href="http://www.thefashionmatters.com/spent-valentines-day/">READ MORE</a></div>